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Founded in 2010 by Austrian entrepreneur René Benko and based in Austria, SIGNA Prime Selection ("SIGNA Prime") is a private real estate company specialising in commercial and office property, mainly in Germany and Austria (and more marginally in northern Italy).

SIGNA Prime's strategy is to hold high quality real estate assets over the very long term, located in the heart of the city centres, some of which also offer significant revaluation potential.

As of December 31, 2018, SIGNA Prime had nearly €11 billion in assets, including iconic buildings such as the KaDeWe department store in Berlin, Oberpollinger and the Alte Akademie in Munich, and the Park Hyatt Hotel in Vienna.

As at Jun 17, 2019

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FFP's investment.

In June 2019, FFP acquired a 5% stake in SIGNA Prime for €186 million. This acquisition was made from its majority shareholder, SIGNA Holding GmbH, an Austrian group mainly active in real estate and distribution (including the department store chains Karstadt and Kaufhof).
FFP Investments UK, represented by Mr Robert Peugeot, is a member of the Board and Investment Committee of SIGNA Prime.

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