— FFP announces 2 new co-investments for a total of $50m

FFP announces 2 new co-investments for a total of $50m.

  23 May 2017
Peugeot Invest communication
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FFP closed a $25m investment in Lineage Logistics, a leader and the most dynamic company in the temperature controlled supply chain. Lineage provides cold storage and cold chain solutions to the world’s leading food, retail, agriculture and distribution companies. Lineage operates one of the only two large nationwide networks in the US, with 85 cold warehouse locations across 20 states, and has a turnover of approximately $1 Billion. FFP’s investment was made through Bay Grove, a principal investment firm founded and managed by Kevin Marchetti and Adams Forste, which manages Lineage as its sole investment. The CEO Greg Lehmkuhl is running the operations, with the support of Baygrove on its external growth strategy.

FFP also closed a $25m investment as part of an investment consortium led by Certares LP in AmaWaterways, a 15 year-old family-owned company which offers river cruises predominantly to English speaking customers. FFP teamed up with Certares, a US investment company focused on the travel and hospitality sectors, which will manage the investment.  AmaWaterways has 20 ships that sail Europe’s Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Main, Rhône, Seine, Garonne, Dordogne, Dutch and Belgian Waterways and Douro rivers, Southest Asia’s Mekong and Africa’s Chobe River. The company operates modern and spacious ships featuring onboard amenities and offers a wide choice of included shore excursions for active travellers.  The company is headed by Rudi Schreiner with Kristin Karst who are shareholders along the Murphy and McGeary families. They have built a leading luxury river cruising company with high standard of customer service.

Robert Peugeot stated the following: “FFP is proud to support two leading players in their industries, both of them having most of their customers in the United States. The growth and value creation potentials are significant. They both have first class management and professional shareholders who proved to be very successful in growing these businesses.”