— FFP his stake in IDI

FFP his stake in IDI.

  19 February 2021
Peugeot Invest communication
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FFP announces today that it has signed an agreement for the sale of all of its 10.1% stake in IDI (www.idi.fr), for €27.2 million, resulting in a return of 3x the capital invested.

FFP has been an investor in IDI's subsidiary Euridi, then in its Marco Polo fund for many years. It became a shareholder of IDI in 2006 and a member of its Supervisory Board in 2007.

In 2008, FFP and IDI joined forces to create IDI Emerging Markets, an investment company specialising in private equity funds in emerging countries. FFP has accompanied its team since then and remains one of the main investors in its funds, including IDI Emerging Markets Partners-Fund IV, which is currently being raised.

As a result, FFP has resigned from its position as member of the Supervisory Board.

Bertrand Finet, Chief Executive Officer of FFP, declared: "We would like to congratulate the IDI team for the company's growth over the years and their ability to select and develop high-quality SMEs. After 30 years of business relations, this operation allows FFP to materialise its value creation. We are delighted to give key executives the opportunity to become significant shareholders in the company.”