— FFP: €29 million share buyback

FFP: €29 million share buyback.

  08 June 2017
Peugeot Invest communication
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FFP has bought back 336,483 of its own shares for a total amount of €29.2 million, at an average price of €89.35 per share.

The transaction was carried out as part of the company's share buyback programme approved by shareholders in the 3 May 2016 General Meeting. Unused shares will be cancelled.

Robert Peugeot made the following comments: "FFP's development has accelerated since the start of the year with the planned combinations between Opel-Vauxhall and the PSA group and between Zodiac Aerospace and Safran, the disposal of FFP's stakes in Sanef and Onet and new investments in AmaWaterways and Lineage, two growing companies with exposure to the US economy.

The market value of FFP's main listed investments has risen in 2017. The share prices of Peugeot SA, DKSH, SEB, LISI and ORPEA have increased significantly, substantially outperforming the broad equity stockmarket.

FFP has a healthy financial position. We have more than €700 million of available credit facilities, of which we are currently using around €200 million.

We have bought back these shares because the 25% increase in FFP's share price since the start of the year does not sufficiently reflect the performance of our assets."