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Legal notice

Legal notice

Legal notice

Website access

The user of this website accepts that he or she has the necessary knowledge and equipment to access and use this website.

Peugeot Invest shall in no way be held responsible for anything beyond its control or any damage that may be caused to the user's technical environment, notably, computers, software, network equipment and any other hardware used to access or use this service and/or information.

The user is reminded that the fact of accessing or remaining without authorisation in an IT system, undermining or distorting the operation of such a system or fraudulently modifying the data contained therein is an offence punishable by law.

Access to the website is free. The cost of accessing and using the telecommunications network is the client's responsibility in accordance with the terms established by his or her Internet service provider and telecommunications operator.

Intellectual property

Peugeot Invest is the owner or holder of the rights for all the components of this website. Any reproduction, representation, dissemination, in part or in full, of the content of this website by any means whatsoever without the prior express authorisation of Peugeot Invest is forbidden and shall be deemed an infringement under the terms of Articles L 335 - 2 and those that follow of French Intellectual Property Law.

The trademarks of Peugeot Invest and/or its suppliers or the companies mentioned on this website, as well as the logotypes appearing on this website are registered trademarks. Any reproduction, in part or in full, of these trademarks or logotypes, made from the material appearing on this website without the express authorisation of Peugeot Invest or its entitled parties is therefore prohibited under the terms of Article L 713 - 2 of French Intellectual Property Law.

Website content

Peugeot Invest reserves the right to correct the content of this website at any time without prior warning. Peugeot Invest also declines any responsibility in the event of a delay, error or omission regarding the content of the present pages or as a result of any unavailability or interruption to the service.

Peugeot Invest may not be held responsible for any decision taken on the basis of the content of this website, nor for the use that may be made thereof by any third party.

Hypertext links

The website contains hypertext links to websites that are not published by Peugeot Invest. As a consequence, the latter shall not be held responsible for the content of the websites the Internet user may access by this means.

The publisher's prior authorisation must be obtained before creating any hypertext links to the website.


We do not guarantee the content of this website to be free of infections, viruses, worms, Trojan horses and/or other codes with contaminating or destructive properties.

It is your responsibility to take protective measures. Peugeot Invest shall in no event be held responsible for data transmission errors of any sort whatsoever, such as the loss of or damage to data, or changes of any type whatsoever, including, but not restricted to, direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the services provided on this website.


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