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Peugeot Invest is a long-term investment company, listed and majority-owned by Etablissements Peugeot Frères.

Peugeot Invest is one of the main shareholders of Stellantis and Forvia through its subsidiary, Peugeot 1810. Drawing on its industrial experience, it has developed an investment activity in diversified assets, composed of direct minority stakes, private equity vehicles, co-investments and real estate.


History & strategy

Peugeot Invest is a listed investment company majority owned by Établissements Peugeot Frères. Peugeot Invest's mission is to create value through the development of its investments. The company has made ”long-term minority development capital” its core business. Its identity has been built on the values of the Peugeot family, its industrial and entrepreneurial experience.


Assets overview
Net Asset Value
5.95 B

With c. €6.9 billion in gross assets as of 31 décembre 2023, Peugeot Invest holds direct and indirect interests in many sectors driven by structural growth trends. Peugeot Invest, with its majority shareholder Établissements Peugeot Frères, is the historical shareholder of Stellantis and is still one of its main shareholders. Peugeot Invest has diversified its assets by deploying an investment strategy based on 3 types of assets.


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Share price
Gross Asset Value as at 31/12/2023
6.9 bn
Dividends per share
NAV per share as at 30/06/2023


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