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Peugeot Invest is an investment company relying upon its industrial history, experienced professionals and solid governance to support its shareholdings.

Created in 1929, Peugeot Invest became Stellantis' reference shareholder in 1966 and has pursued a policy of sector and geographical diversification since 2002.

As a committed shareholder, Peugeot Invest encourages its direct and indirect investments to progress in the areas of governance, social and environmental protection.


A 200-year industrial history
Peugeot Invest is one of the main shareholders of Stellantis. Drawing on its industrial experience, it has developed an investment activity in diversified assets, mainly composed of direct minority stakes, private equity vehicles, co-investments and real estate.
Peugeot Invest History 1
Peugeot Invest History 2
Peugeot Invest History 2
Peugeot Invest History 2
Peugeot Invest History 2


The Peugeot brothers create their first industrial mechanical activity in the county of Doubs.


1890 First Peugeot petrol car.


Creation of the Foncière, Financière et de Participations - FFP company.


Reorganisation of the family group companies, FFP becomes the main shareholder of Peugeot SA.


FFP lists on the Nancy Stock Exchange.


FFP becomes a shareholder of Compagnie Industrielle de Delle, the leading shareholder of LISI.


Investment in the Société du Louvre - Louvre group.


FFP acquires a stake in groupe Taittinger and buys 5% of the capital of LISI.


FFP invests in SEB, Linedata Services and in the Spanish company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas SA.


Alongside the founding family shareholders and CNP, FFP sells its interests in the Société du Louvre and the Taittinger group.


FFP participates in the consortium to acquire the motorway network Sanef, brings its Charenton building to Immobilière Dassault, acquires Château Guiraud and becomes a shareholder of IDI and Zodiac Aerospace.


FFP acquires a stake in the group's holding company ONET and strengthens its position in Zodiac Aerospace and in IDI.


FFP enters the capital of DKSH. With other partners, FFP creates IDI Emerging Markets.


FFP, as the 1st shareholder of Peugeot SA, supports its refinancing.


FFP sells its indirect stake in FCC and adjusts its positions in Zodiac Aerospace, SEB and in OCEANE PSA.


FFP takes a stake in the capital of ORPEA and acquires a stake in LT Participations, the reference shareholder of Ipsos. FFP arbitrates its OCEANE PSA for Peugeot SA shares .


FFP supports Peugeot SA and subscribes to its capital increase. FFP sells 35% of its stake in DKSH and most of its shares Linedata Services.


FFP sells 0.8% of the share capital of DKSH and the remainder of its Linedata shares . FFP joins forces with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs for the operation of bulk carriers (LDAP).


FFP signs an agreement governing the acquisition of a stake in the Peugeot SA group by Dongfeng Motor and the French State and subscribes to the capital increase. FFP invests in CIEL and IHS. FFP sells part of its shares Zodiac Aerospace.


FFP acquires an additional 1.2% of the capital of Zodiac Aerospace and enters into Eren. FFP organizes its partial exit from the capital of ONET and monetizes the share warrants Peugeot SA.


FFP invests in Tikehau Capital and Tikehau Capital Advisors. FFP invests in real estate projects in the United States and Paris, and co-invests in Roompot. FFP committs to investing alongside JAB Holding.


FFP invests in SPIE and sells its shareholdings in Sanef, ONET and Ipsos. FFP is making 5 co-investments (JAB, Lineage, AmaWaterways, Ciprès, Capsa). FFP supports the acquisition of Opel/Vauxhall by the Groupe PSA.


FFP tendered its shares Zodiac Aerospace to Safran and sold 0.85% of the capital of ORPEA. FFP is making new co-investments alongside JAB Holding and ArchiMed, and in Big Bottling Company and Asmodee.


FFP supports the proposed merger between PSA Group and FCA. FFP sells its stake in DKSH and invests in SIGNA Prime Selection, doubling its exposure to real-estate. FFP invests in Acteon and further commits alongside JAB Holding.


Peugeot Invest purchases a further 2% stake in PSA Group and reaffirms its support for the merger with FCA. The company sells a 1% stake in SEB and enters into a forward agreement to sell 1.1 million shares in Safran. Peugeot Invest makes three new co-investments (LivSpace, Jian...)


Groupe PSA et FCA fusionnent pour donner naissance à Stellantis. Peugeot Invest entre au capital d’International SOS et de Signa Development Selection et effectue de nouveaux co-investissements dans Ÿnsect, Causeway, Venturi et Maikailai. Peugeot Invest cède la majeure partie de ses titres Safran et Financière Guiraud ainsi que sa participation dans l’IDI.


Philosophy & investment strategy

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy
A specific DNA a professional investor with family values, attached to its industrial history An active minority investor involved in governance structures A responsible shareholder A consistent investment strategy over time A solid and long- term shareholder able to support and finance the development of its investee companies over time

A reference shareholder of Stellantis, our historical asset.

As a majority shareholder of Peugeot Invest, the Peugeot family is at the origin of Stellantis and has always been an active supporter. In particular, the company participated in the 2012 and 2014 capital increases.
Peugeot Invest participates in Stellantis' governance through its subsidiary Peugeot 1810 and its representation on governance bodies.

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7.1 %
of capital
Since 1890

A long-term and active minority investor.

Investment 1
Investment 2
Investment 3
Real estate

For Peugeot Invest, being a long-term investor means actively and constantly supporting companies in their growth.

  • A specific DNA from its entrepreneurial and family history

  • An active minority investor, who supports the management teams and participates in the various decision-making bodies, ensuring that best governance practices are applied

  • A committed partner, who implements a coherent strategy over time

  • A long-term shareholder, who invests in equity without any restriction on the rotation of invested capital

  • A responsible shareholder, encouraging its shareholdings to make progress in the areas of governance, social/societal and environmental issues


Peugeot Invest management & teams
In the past 15 years, Peugeot Invest has grown to form a team of experienced professionals in France and the UK.

The team members have diverse and complementary profiles. This variety of profiles enables Peugeot Invest to capitalise on all their experience and expertise across asset classes and to source investment opportunities.

The agility and responsiveness of its teams, combined with a common vision and shared values, make Peugeot Invest a recognised partner in the investment world.


Board of Directors and Committees
The Board of Directors determines the orientations of the company's activity and ensures their implementation.
Articles of association
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Internal rules
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The rules relating to the work of the Board of Directors are laid down by law, the Articles of Association and the Internal Regulations of FFP and the Code of Ethics for the Stock Exchange. Peugeot Invest applies the AFEP-MEDEF code.

The Board has four permanent committees: the Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee, the Investments and Participations Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee and the ESG Committee.

The Board is made of 14 directors including 8 directors representing the family group and 5 independent directors, as well as an observer. 57% of the Board of Directors are women.

Peugeot Invest is a member of Afep, French association of private enterprises, and France Invest, French association of investors for growth. Its Chairman, Robert Peugeot, is a member of the Haut Comité de Gouvernement d'Entreprise (French committee working to ensure compliance with the French Afep-Medef rules and best governance practices)

sustainable development

ESG Strategy

Peugeot Invest is committed to sustainable growth

Robert Peugeot
Chairman and Head of the Sustainable Development Committee

We are proud to be a responsible investor who, through our values and actions, contributes to sustainable economic growth.

  • strong industrial culture
  • entrepreneurial values
  • contribution to social progress