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The founding shareholder of Stellantis, Peugeot Invest has diversified its assets through investments in line with its family values.

With almost €7 billion gross assets value as of 31st December 2023, Peugeot Invest holds direct and indirect stakes in many sectors of activity such as industry, business and personal services, and consumer goods.

Peugeot Invest’s assets

54 %
Peugeot 1810
17 %
14 %
13 %
Private equity vehicles
2 %
Other assets
As at December 31, 2023
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Peugeot 1810

Our historical assets
Logo Stellantis
7.1 %
of capital
Since 1890
Logo Forvia
3.1 %
of capital
Since 2012


Listed and non listed assets

At the heart of its strategy, Peugeot Invest holds direct stakes in listed and non-listed companies.

Peugeot Invest acts as a minority shareholder capable of supporting the development of its shareholdings over the long term, in particular because its operations are financed with its own balance sheet. Peugeot Invest's equity investments are subject to prior due diligence to ensure that there is a convergence of views on ownership, strategy and corporate values.

14.4 %
of capital
Since 1977
Logo International SOS
14.6 %
of capital
Since 2021
Logo Rothschild & Co
5.1 %
of capital
Since 2023
Logo Immobilière Dassault
19.8 %
of capital
Since 2006
Logo Acteon
Since 2019
Logo SIGNA Group
Since 2019
5.1 %
of capital
Since 2017
6.8 %
of capital
Since 2014
Logo Château Guiraud
20 %
of capital
Since 2006


Many co-investments

To invest in specific geographies or sectors, Peugeot Invest works with various partners.

Peugeot Invest is invested in co-investment operations with specialized partners in certain sectors or geographies that are less directly accessible by Peugeot Invest. 

Logo JAB
Since 2016
Logo AmaWaterways
AmaWaterways With Certares
Since 2017

AmaWaterways is a family-controlled company that has been organising luxury river cruises, mainly in Europe and for English-speaking holidaymakers, since 2002. AmaWaterways operates 28 vessels that sail on the Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Main, Rhône, Seine and Garonne rivers, along with waterways in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Douro, the Mekong in Southeast Asia, the Chobe in Africa and the Nile in Egypt.

Logo Lineage
Lineage With BayGrove
United States
Since 2017

Lineage is the world’s leading specialist of cold chain logistics serving the food industry, and serving customers such as: producers, wholesalers and mass retailers. Its services extend beyond deep freeze storage and include value-added services including deep freezing, repackaging, outsourced order management and logistics. Lineage is one of the two main consolidators in the sector, with more than 100 acquisitions since 2008 that have enabled the group to build a global presence (United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia).

Logo Capsa
Capsa With Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
United States
Since 2017

Capsa Healthcare is a leading US producer of medical equipment, serving healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and pharmacies. The company designs, produces and sells medication carts (with or without mobile IT hardware), sterile preparation workstations and automated drug management systems.

Capsa is the result of a series of acquisitions carried out by its management since 2008, with the support of an American family and then Levine Leichtman Capital Partners.

Logo Entoria
Entoria With Seven2
Since 2017

Founded in 2000, Entoria is France’s 2nd largest wholesale broker, specialising in social protection for self-employed workers and building and construction insurance.

Its solutions are distributed by a network of 9,000 independent brokers across France.

Logo Big Bottling Company
Big Bottling Company With IDI Emerging Markets SA
Since 2018

The Big Bottling Company produces and distributes carbonated and non-alcoholic beverages in Nigeria. Its main product is BIG (cola, lemon and orange flavours).

The company is a subsidiary of Ajegroup, one of the largest multinationals in the drinks sector in South America and Africa. The Big Bottling Company directly employs 250 people at its plant near Lagos and its target production volume is around 40 million cases per year.

Logo Transact
Transact With Reverence Capital Partners
United States
Since 2019

Transact develops software solutions for payment applications as well as access and point-of sale management applications for American universities. The company offers an integrated platform that allows universities to simplify the collection of tuition fees and campus payments, but also to manage all student privileges and access rights using their badges or smartphones (sports facilities, canteens, class attendance etc.). With more than 1,800 campuses in the United States, Transact handles more than 12 million students and facilitates more than $50 billion of transactions each year.

Logo The Lian
The Lian With Crescent Point
Since 2019

The Lian is a leading brand e-commerce integrated services provider in China, focused on Asian and mid-sized cosmetics and skincare brands. The company, headquartered in Shanghai, is a B2B outsourcing partner for cosmetics brand (also called “Tmall partner”) allowing them to access the Chinese market through brand-authorized flagship stores, mainly on Tmall as well as other major online commerce and referencing platforms (, VIPShop, Little Red Book).

FFP invested $14m out of a total commitment of $20m.

Logo LivSpace
LivSpace With Venturi
Since 2020

Livspace, which was founded in 2015, is a fast-growing Indian company and market leader in turnkey interior design. The company is completely reorganising the value chain in the interiors market through the adoption of digital technology, while also standardising and automating processes, leading to major productivity gains. Livspace has operations in almost 50 cities in India, as well as in Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Logo Ynsect
Ynsect With Astanor
Since 2021

Ÿnsect is a French company that is a leading player in farming and processing insects to produce premium ingredients used as alternatives to traditional animal proteins and to fertilisers.

In 2023, Ÿnsect completed the construction of the world’s largest vertical farm in Amiens and started production.

The company holds almost 400 patents, half the total patent portfolio in the industry. Peugeot Invest Assets, represented by Amaury Cabaud, is a director of Ÿnsect.

Logo Jianke
Jianke With Crescent Point
Since 2020

Jianke, founded in 2007, is a Chinese company that has developed an online pharmacy service and has since 2018 been offering online consultation services. With these remote medicine services, doctors can monitor patients suffering from chronic diseases digitally, and patients can have prescribed medicines directly to their homes.

Logo Venturi Partners
Venturi Partners With Venturi
Since 2021

Singapore-based Venturi Partners is an asset management company founded in 2019. It targets consumer investments in the Growth Equity segment in India and Southeast Asia (mainly in Series B-D funding rounds). By the end of 2023, Venturi I had invested in four platforms: Livspace (turnkey interior design in India) in 2021; Believe (health and beauty products in Bangladesh and India) in 2022; Country Delight (premium fresh produce delivery in India) in 2022; and Pickup Coffee (premium coffee chain in the Philippines) in 2023. Peugeot Invest committed $25 million to Venturi I in 2021 and made an additional $8 million co investment in Country Delight in 2022 and 2023.

Logo ELV
ELV With ELV Associates
Since 2015

Since 2015, Peugeot Invest has joined forces with several European families to make occasional co-investments in real estate projects in the United States. Projects are proposed and managed by a team of US professionals within ELV Associates, which was founded in 1991. Projects mainly involve residential property development, but also include office and retail properties. In 2023, Peugeot Invest continued its partnership with ELV Associates by committing a further $3.5 million to a residential development project in Groton, Connecticut.

Logo Tour Marchand - OCPI Lapillus II
Tour Marchand - OCPI Lapillus II With LBO France
Since 2016

The OPCI Lapillus II, managed by LBO France’s real estate team, successively purchased the Tour Marchand in 2016, a 16,000 m² office building in La Défense that has been completely renovated, and the Grand Angle building in Saint-Denis in 2019, which has 17,000 m² of office space.

Logo Maikailai
Maikailai With Crescent Point
Since 2021

Maikailai is a Chinese company that sells beauty, personal care and home care products in China. Building on its experience as a Tmall Partner, the company has capitalised on its expertise, its command of new distribution channels (particularly live-streaming) and the rise of domestic brands in China to successfully develop its own brands.

Logo Colonies
Colonies With LBO France
Since 2020

Colonies is one of the leading players in the European coliving market. Coliving is a concept that originated in the United States and is a cross between living in shared accommodation and living in a hotel. Several people live in a home in which they have both their own private spaces and large communal areas where they can benefit from a wide variety of services (sports facilities, cinema, spa etc.) and shared activities (cleaning, WiFi, laundry etc.). The investment financed the acquisition of 28 assets, as well as their renovation and refurbishment prior to their operation by Colonies under a long-term lease.

Logo Arboretum
Arboretum With Icamap, WO2
Since 2020

Arboretum is a 130,000 m² low-carbon office and services campus, built using timber-frame construction and located in the La Défense area. It is surrounded by 25 hectares of parkland and is located on the banks of the Seine. It will provide a wide range of interior and exterior workspaces, seven organic restaurants, a conference centre and services such as a 2,000 m² sports centre. The project is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Logo eBeauty
eBeauty With Crescent Point
Since 2019

eBeauty (formerly UCO) is a leading “ Tmall Partner” (or TP) in China. The company helps more than 40 international beauty brands (Estée Lauder, Clinique, La Roche Posay etc.) to grow in the Chinese e-commerce market, particularly via Tmall. eBeauty offers a turnkey service (online store management, customer service, logistics, marketing), allowing brands with little or no presence in China to enter this market, for example via official stores on Tmall or other platforms (, VIPShop, Little Red Book). Peugeot Invest became an indirect shareholder of eBeauty after its acquisition of TheLian in 2022.

Logo SantéVet
SantéVet With Columna Capital
Since 2022

SantéVet was founded in 2003 and is the leader on the pet insurance market in France. It designs, distributes and manages pet insurance policies. The company has formed strategic relationships with major insurance companies, which bear the insurance risk in relation to SantéVet’s products, while giving it full autonomy as regards designing, marketing and managing them. SantéVet is the leader on the French market and is planning to continue its expansion in Europe, particularly in Belgium, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Logo Causeway
Causeway With FAPI
Since 2021

Causeway is a UK-based company that accompanies various stakeholders throughout the life cycle of construction projects, from initial design through to construction, asset management and maintenance.

Causeway is achieving rapid growth, supported by a broad market and favourable trends such as the adoption of digital technology in the construction sector, which is still at an early stage, and an increasing number of projects.

Logo Schwind
Schwind With Adagia Partners
Since 2022

Schwind is a German company specialising in making ophthalmic lasers for corneal refractive surgery. 65% of its revenue comes from selling lasers, including its best-selling Amaris range, and nearly 30% of its revenue is regarded as recurring (services and maintenance, consumables etc.).

Future growth should be driven by the recent launch of the Atos laser, which opens up a new market in lenticular extraction surgery. The group has more than 200 employees.

Logo Gruppo Florence
Gruppo Florence With VAM Investments
Since 2023

Gruppo Florence is the leading manufacturer of madein- Italy luxury goods for major players in the fashion industry. The group has expanded through external growth, consolidating several independent leather goods and readyto- wear subcontractors within a common platform. The company enables luxury brands to outsource certain stages in the design, development and manufacture of products that require specific know-how and skills.

Logo Nomios
Nomios With Keensight Capital
Since 2023

Nomios is a European leader in cybersecurity and network infrastructure services. The group mainly serves the large enterprise market, offering a wide range of services: audit, design of security/network systems, resale and integration of solutions, maintenance and management of cybersecurity incidents. Nomios has 20 offices in Europe and over 600 employees, many of whom are certified engineers.

Logo Doctrine
Doctrine With Summit Partners
Since 2023

Based in France, Doctrine is a legal intelligence platform providing exhaustive access to legal information (more than 12 million court decisions, statutes, decrees etc.) and its automatic analysis in real time. Thanks to its innovative technology, Doctrine enables its 12,000 customers, both lawyers and jurists, to carry out faster and better quality searches. Peugeot Invest Assets, represented by Amaury Cabaud, is a non-voting member of Doctrine’s Supervisory Committee.

HSRV With F&A Asset Management
Since 2023

High Street Retail Valorisation (HSRV) is a value-added vehicle managed by F&A Asset Management, dedicated to city-centre retail property.

Its aim is to build up a portfolio of high street retail premises located mainly in the Paris region (+70%), with good fundamentals (location, configuration etc.) and offering potential for repositioning or optimisation after acquisition.

investment funds

Diversified commitments

Peugeot Invest has a portfolio of private equity funds, split between the United States, Europe and emerging countries. 

Since 2002, Peugeot Invest has made commitments in private equity funds. This asset class allows Peugeot Invest to access a large number of companies and sectors of activity with a long-term approach. It also allows it to access sectors or geographical areas to which it would have direct access only with difficulty.

Peugeot Invest's portfolio is mainly composed of buyout (LBO), expansion, technology growth capital funds and impact investing funds that invest in Europe, in the US, in Asia and in emerging markets.

In 2023, €184 million were committed to 16 investment funds.

Total amounts committed
1,587 m
Total capital called
1,004 m
Total capital distributed
543 m
Portfolio valuation in 2020
902 m
Examples of our commitments
Logo Valor
Logo K1
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Real estate development
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Real estate development
Real estate development